Glenn Springs Academy’s Program Transition Status and Update Report

Date: April 25, 2014

Dear Friends of Glenn Springs Academy:

Let me begin by thanking the many friends and supporters of Glenn Springs Academy. Without you we would not have reached this wonderful and most exciting milestone in the life of the Academy.

As many of you know, and for our new friends and supporters who may not have known our journey, The Glenn Springs Academy Residential Program, was established in 1971, is a DSS licensed, Moderate Management, private non-profit residential facility, located on 49 acres in Glenn Springs, SC. The residential/group home served boys ages ten (10) through twenty-one (21) years of age. The displacement of these boys from their homes may have resulted from emotional problems, behavioral disorders and/or others contributing factors such as abuse/neglect or environmental deprivation.

For over forty (40) years Glenn Springs Academy provided for Spartanburg and surrounding counties this needed residential service as a Child Caring Institution offering through intervention services such as individual and group counseling, recreation, assessments, and individualized developmental plans. Our core programming components emphasized restorative independent living skills, and academics, with the primary objectives being Family Reunification, Foster Home Placement or Adoptions.

Glenn Springs Academy’s Transitional Plan:

As the result of recent downward trends within the residential care community, an impact felt by Group Homes across the state, Glenn Springs Academy felt it prudent to explore ways to expand and/or implement a new business model.

After much discussion and many collaborative meetings, it was determined by the Board of Directors to discontinue our long standing business model as Residential Group Home for boys and pursue the development and implementation of a Family Care Center model on the Campus of Glenn Springs Academy. This new initiative, established by a Strategic Development Council, Lead by Naomi Torfin, Executive Director, Children Come First, Columbia, SC, targets Children and Families within the SC Child Welfare System. GSA has partnered with Spartanburg Alcohol and Drugs Abuse Commission, and Spartanburg County Department of Social Services to implement this new program to be housed on the campus of Glenn Springs Academy, the new program is called, “The Healing Springs-Family Care Center at Glenn Springs Academy”, a Treatment and Residential Program for mothers and their children.

Glenn Springs Academy’s Implementation Plan:

We are in the process of finalizing our new operational guidelines and procedures, initiating facility and grounds improvements. We have completed Security Upgrades and will soon be complete with the Residential Facility Upgrades.

We have started the job posting process and anticipate completing staffing the program in May. With the continued support and assistance of TEAM SPARTANBRUG, We are poised to see the new residential services model operational within 45 to 60 days.

Under this new initiative, the opportunity to serve families mothers and their children before the collapse of the family is very exciting, and creates a more suitable use of our facility. The cabin design allows these mothers who desire to complete their treatment program and maintain their parental relationship with their children possible. This concept fits within our mission, the restoration and reunification of the family, and establishes a new use of our beautiful campus. Therefore, as we continue to fit the pieces together to enhance our residential program, we do so with the determination to offer the best care possible for the families served.

The Board and I are very committed to serving these families as we seek to finalize our New Business Model. We understand the importance of communicating these key factors to the public and of course to you, our friends, collaborating partners, and community stakeholders.

Thanks again for all you have done and will continued to do in assisting us in caring for our most precious resource, Families.

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Raymond T. Davis, Sr.
Executive Director